Machine Gun Kelly

Perhaps its because I am an Ohio boy through and through, but MGK has become one of my favorite artists as of lately. This kid is young and thirsty, which is quite refreshing to the music scene. He can rap with the best of them, and he reps Cleveland and Ohio like no one else does. Since LeBron’s exit, Ohio really needs someone to call their own. Sure we have The Black Keys, BoneThugs, Kid Cudi, and a few other artists from our state, but we haven’t had anyone who really loves and represents Ohio to the fullest in a while.

Did I mention he is a white rapper? He is NOT the new Eminem by any means, and I mean that in the best way possible. However, he does deserve some mad respect for being one of the few real white rappers that exists. He can rock a crowd and he can put together an album to please the masses. He works harder than most of the rappers in the game, and people are starting to take notice of that.

Beyond his musical talent, MGK has a lot of personality. He stands for more than just music and Ohio, he brings a young and reckless style of I don’t give a fuck to the rap game and to society in general. This is where so many artists fail, they stand for nothing beyond the tracks that they create. To be up there with the greats of any industry, you must stand for something beyond what you create. Without having that attitude or style, you will be forgotten with the rest of them. Artists need to give their audiences something to connect with them beyond their songs, this will help build up a fan base that will rep you wherever they go beyond just listening to your music. MGK has done this with EST. It’s a community, it’s a style, it’s a way of life just like Class6.

So, if you like good music that brings something new and memorable to the game, check out Machine Gun Kelly and Lace Up bitches!

Machine Gun Kelly YouTube Playlist



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