C. Jay Dinero

C Jay Dinero

C. Jay Dinero

This is another good rapper coming from good ol’ Ohio. Straight out of Cincinnati, C Jay has been rocking stages for the past couple of years and is pretty well known in the area as well as across some small areas of the web. I have had a chance to talk a few times with this guy, and he is really just a real man on his grind making music. While his beats aren’t overly new or original, his lyrical delivery is rather powerful. He has made a few tracks for the gangstas, a few for the ladies, and few for the people who need catchy lyrics. Most of all his music is for anyone who enjoys listening to music about real life shit, none of that make believe Hollywood fake crap the radio spews out on a daily basis.

He recently released his latest mixtape, MPK4: The Statement, and you can download it for free. MPK stands for Money Pussy Kush and has been the staple point for all of his most recent mixtapes.

If you like real music and hard working artists, check this guy out!

36 Oz’s from C. Jay Dinero on Vimeo.








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