Are Drugs Really Bad?

Mr. Mackey drugs are bad mmmkay

Now what did you learn today children?

We have all been told before on countless occasions that drugs are bad mmmkay! You can’t make it through middle school anymore without thinking that drugs have got to be the coolest things on the planet. Sure, you have the handful of kids that telling all of those lies and trying to scare the living piss out of them about drugs actually worked on, but c’mon!

I think that one of the biggest drug problems that we have is that we have idiots running around using them irresponsibly. When you shelter a little kid his entire life, then he gets to college and hears about what ecstasy does, he is going to want to take that shit. The problem is that he is used to beer and probably pot so when he gets those tiny little pills he thinks they won’t do much to him and so he takes 8 of them, overdoses, dies, and gets put all over the news the next day. Someone who takes or has taken ecstasy looks at that kid and calls him an idiot. You can’t shelter the kids, and you can’t tell them lies about drugs. They are a hell of good time, if you take them responsibly.

Photo courtesy of GQ Magazine

 “I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they’ve always worked for me.”

-Hunter S. Thompson

Drugs, when done right, can be a great time. They seem to work for some people while others don’t seem to like them, but some people don’t like roller coasters either and that definitely doesn’t make roller coasters bad. Drugs aren’t really as bad for us as most people would believe. Ecstasy doesn’t burn holes in your brain (yes, MTV lied to you), alcohol doesn’t kill brain cells (granted you don’t slam your head through the wall too many times), and it’s almost impossible to overdose on acid (well, except for one idiot). Don’t even get me started on the bullshit the government and schools have been feeding the masses about smoking herb.

When we really look at the science behind any of these drugs, it makes you wonder why people think they are all so bad. Mostly, it’s people who have never tried the things that tell you how bad they are. When you want to know if a car is any good, you go to two people to ask their opinions, an owner of the car and a mechanic. You wouldn’t ask someone if a car was any good if they have never driven one or never worked on one would you? If you said yes, your an idiot and please don’t procreate. When it comes to drugs, you would be wise go to someone who has tried it, someone who stopped using it, and a scientist/doctor. These are the only people who can really tell you anything truthful or useful about the drugs.

Anti-Drug PSA’s are among some of the worst commercials on tv and online. As an person in the advertising field, I have researched some data on the Drug War and these PSA’s and have found that they are highly ineffective at getting people to stop using. However, they are really effective at taking a huge amount of American tax dollars and completing wasting the people’s money. Have you ever actually seen an anti-drug commercial that made sense to you or inspired you to stop using? I can say for certain that I have never viewed one. Here is a clip of Comedian Doug Benson making fun of one of these commercials.

Perhaps the reason some of these PSA’s are so ineffective at solving the drug problem is that they are founded mostly upon lies.

I am not advocating that all drugs are good and harmless, I would have to be an idiot to say that. If the drugs were harmless, they probably wouldn’t be any good any way. The point that I want to get across is that drugs aren’t all necessarily bad, or at least probably not as bad as the government and companies with strong agenda’s would like you to believe. If you are going to do drugs, please be careful about who you take them with, the potential side effects, where you are going to take them, why you are taking them, where you are getting them from, and many other important factors pertaining to drugs and their effects. When handled correctly, drugs can help you have a great time and experience.

On that note, I am going to leave you with a nice song about drugs, one that you probably haven’t heard before (unless you are really, really cool):

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