Marisa Miller body paint for sports illustrated

Marisa Miller

marisa miller topless at the beach

So, as you may know, we love sexy chicks. We REALLY love them, so much that we want to share them with you and that is why we are featuring Marisa Miller this week. You may recognize this fine piece of ass from Victoria Secret ads or Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues. She could really pass as a Jessica Simpson look alike (back in Jessica’s good days, not now), but even better. Back in 2008, not only did she debut in Maxim Magazine’s “Hot 100” list, but she was number 1! Aside from being super fuckin sexy, she also loves surfing, which really just adds to her sexiness. Apparently she grew up as a tomboy, who somehow got really lucky and turned out to be really hot too. So in the end, she is the complete package; bringing both sexiness and awesomeness to the table.

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For more info on her, including her stats, check


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