Alien Space Toast

Crop Circle Cereal Box

So my roommate likes to be poor as shit and loves to shop at this place called Aldis. If you are unfamiliar with Aldis, it is like worst excuse for a grocery store ever. It is piss poor, they don’t have shelves, there isn’t a single product that isn’t a knock off of a real product, and everything in there is probably beyond expired but at least everything is priced outrageously cheap. Anyway, my roommate got some bread from there the other day, but for some reason it was wet. After tossing around the idea that he will probably die if he eats it, we decided that if we toast the bread that it should dry out and be edible. Sounds logical, right? Well we put that shit in the toaster and somehow it came out wetter than it went in like it was dick in pussy or something. Lesson learned, don’t eat wet bread made by aliens from outer space, even if you toast it.

Crop Circle Cereal: Photo Credit


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