Stalker Still Stalking

Stalker Cat

So, I have had this stalker for a while now. Apparently she used to work at the same place that I interned at, but we never worked together or even met there. A few weeks after I finished my internship there, she popped up out of the wood work and started her long stalking journey. After a few failed attempts of trying to get me in bed with her or even talk to me in general, I thought that she had lost interest. I deleted her from Facebook and thought everything would go back to normal. Within a week she got back on her mission to stalk me down and take advantage of me again. She keeps trying to persuade me into her pussy with offerings of candy, Big Mac’s, and her fake tits (which I dislike because I prefer the real thing). It’s been almost 6 months and this dedicated little stalker is still on the case. Have you ever had a stalker? How do you deal with them? Should I sleep with her to get her off my back? Should I take the bag of candy and kick her out immediately afterwards? On the bright side, I found out that it is proper etiquette to let your stalker buy your drinks without feeling bad, so if you do have a stalker go ahead and let them liquor you up (just watch out for roofies).

Stalker Cat: Photo Credit


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