Take A Few Shots And Pass Out For A Week

Two girls passed out in a guys bathroom

Thumbs up for those chicks that promised they would outdrink you!

So I just got another new roommate at the apartment. At first things seemed great, but after our first night of drinking with her at the place, things are not looking so good. She took a few shots (3-4) of vodka with us while we pounded some beers and were chillin with other people. Not long afterwards, she fell out of a chair and hit (love tapped at best) her head on the tape deck that was laying on the floor. This couldn’t have happened at a rate that was any faster than watching a hippopotamus evolve into a rock. Somehow this made her pass out. It’s been a week and she’s only come out of her room about 3 times since. How do you take a few shots and pass out for a week? It’s like that collision of her head on the tape deck somehow put her in a coma that lasted longer than cassettes were ever popular.

Cassette player boombox

She is extinct. Unfortunately, so are these beautiful machines.

On a positive note, she did wake up the other day for my other roommate and I to sneak in some funny shit. My original roommate told her at about 9a.m. right as she walks out of her room in the morning that “We require you to make us breakfast.” About ten minutes later we had pancakes on our plates even though we were only kind of kidding. Also the other night she woke up for a few minutes late at night, and the same roommate told her that he was too tired to make fun of her, she immediately responded in a sincere tone “that is the nicest thing you have ever said to me!” That very quote both made me laugh and feel extremely sorry for how sad this girl’s life must be if that was the nicest thing that we have said to her.

Bathroom: Photo Credit

Boombox: Photo Credit


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