All Day, No Play

McLovin "I got a boner"

My cool roommate came home the other day with a huge smile on his face. He walks in the door and throws this bag on the table telling me that I need to check this shit out. He pulls out what at first thought was the coffee grinder that we already had, then I looked a little closer. It was a brand new vaporizer equipped with lights all over it to entertain our stoner brains! His excitement got me excited and my marijuana glands began to get excited at the thought. Immediately afterwards I was informed that we smoked all of our herbs the night before. Naturally, we make some phone calls. About 6 hours later, still no luck. So we get a great new smoking device that we can’t even use all day because we randomly find ourselves in a dry spell (which never happens in the city). How goddamn Class6 is that?

McLovin: Photo Credit


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