How To Be Successful At Something You Are Not Good At

"When I'm sad I stop being sad and be awesome instead" quote with Neil Patrick Harris It happens quite often in life that we must face new challenges and opportunities, and sometimes this can be terrifying. We can’t be experts at everything, but we can be great at anything. Here we are going to give you 3 simple tips on how to be good at just about anything that you want to try.

Step 1

Find out what it means to be successful. Many people overlook this step entirely and notice how bad it royally screws them in the ass later. If you can figure out what being successful is and what it looks like, you are giving yourself a target to aim at. Having a model to compare yourself to makes it a lot easier to make good decisions that push you toward whatever success you are looking for. If we can’t compare or measure something, we can’t really judge how well it is doing, so forming some solid idea of what success looks like will help you determine if you are on the right track with the choices and actions you are taking.

Epic Pizza Burger

6 pounds of beef, 3 pounds of bacon, 3 cups of shredded cheese, and 2 deep dish pizzas. You have to see what success looks like before you can taste it.

Step 2

Thomas Edison Meaning of Failure Quote

Win by not stepping in shit.

Find out what it means to fail. This is equally as important as step 1. Sometimes, things pertaining to the definition of success can be rather vague, however, it is often the case that defining failure can be a lot more clear cut. When you know that if you do this, this, and that will make you fail, you can be at least somewhat successful by avoiding those pitfalls. It’s like if you are playing Pong, you you know that in order to win you just have to get the ball past your opponent a few times more than him. You also know that if the computer gets the ball past you more times than you do against it, you will lose. Knowing this, you can see that all you have to do is avoid letting him score on you until you see the opportunity or chance to score. Doing this ensures that you can’t lose until you figure out how to win, this can be a very successful and useful strategy when applied to real life things and situations.

Step 3

Bush Resourceful Speech Screw Up

He can and you can too!

Be resourceful. I can’t stress the importance of this part of the equation. If you know how to find things and people and you can learn things relatively quickly, you should be solid in handling almost anything that life throws at you. For me personally, I am not the greatest at doing a lot of things, however, I am very resourceful. I can find things out that blow other peoples minds and I can get things done without having to do things. I know how to put pieces together and get the right people to assist me to make things easy and good. Unlocking this ability is something that will allow you seem, and feel, great about getting lots of things done that you can’t necessarily even do on your own.

People that demonstrate these skills often seem quite able to succeed at nearly anything, or at least do well. A sorta-friend of mine once told me that he sometimes dislikes me because I’m like a cat and I always seem to land on my feet. Being a quick thinker with key things in mind while you do things can really go a long way to unleashing your ability to do shit, and do shit well.


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