Where Did Your Computer Go?

USB sized Cotton Candy Computers

Someone Put A Computer In Your Homework Holder!

How ridiculous does this sound, “computer the size of a thumb drive?” You may be thinking, ya ya, we can probably make some shit little computer like that by now, it’s the end of the world this year. This tiny guy “can run either Ubuntu or Android 4.0, has a dual-core 1.2GHz ARM Cortex-A9 CPU, 1GB of RAM, and a Mali 400MP GPU that allows it to decode high-definition video.” In addition to that, it’s got a USB on one side for power, an HDMI port on the other side, WiFi, & Bluetooth.

Sure we have smart phones that are on par with this little guy’s performance, but this concept is what really makes this thing unique. It’s the idea that you can transform what we think a traditional desktop computer needs to look and behave like. Not only can this guy be a standalone computer, but if your buddy has a more powerful computer at his place but you have files of the girl he is dating that are only on your computer, you can plug it in to his computer via the USB and boot up your system to show him the goods ahead of time!

Mac Mini Toilet Paper Dispenser


It really makes you wonder why Apple is still making Mac Minis the way it does, considering that it is hardly any more powerful than an iPhone, and the ability to plug this in to another Mac and still have access to your programs would be amazing. This also means that in the future your main system might become more portable than your laptop. With basically every TV or monitor having an HDMI input on it somewhere, this thing can go almost anywhere there is a screen around. It will be interesting to see how the rest of the tech industry reacts to this radical new design and concept. There may be a new wave of computers to rival the ultrabook market soon to be on its way, especially since phones are expected to ship with quard core processors by the end of 2012, these tiny devices could get really interesting.


2 thoughts on “Where Did Your Computer Go?

  1. Have you every heard of the iLoo? I’m pretty sure it was just some rumor, but they wanted to place portable computers into bathroom stalls to pass the time… I’m guessing. :p

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