I Can Finally Admit I Want A Dell

When you think of badass laptops, you probably think of Macs, Alienware, or maybe even some Sony machinery. Toss all of those aside for a moment and hold on to your beer because for the first time in your life you are going to want a Dell for a reason that isn’t because your bank account has $14.08 in it.

Badass Computer with guns everywhere

Virus Protection

These new ultrabooks are actually really dope. The screen is a little small for my personal tastes, but I guess in Dell’s defense, they do manage to squeeze in a 13.3in Gorilla Glass screen where most companies lazily put an 11in screen. Probably one of the coolest things about these laptops is how cool they are. They use a carbon fiber case across the bottom of them to not only keep them light, but to prevent them from acting like a form of birth control with temperatures that can burn your balls off. These things are not only light, but deadly fast. Able to be equipped with a quad-core i7 intel processor, these beasts can tear through almost anything you can throw at them. These things get up quicker than morning wood too, according to the XPS product page, the “XPS 13 boots in as little as 8 seconds and resumes from sleep mode in just 1 second” thanks to its solid state drive and some special software from Intel.

Dell XPS 13 ultrabook

So what do you do with all of that raw power? You give it some brains to back it up. This laptop is engineered to be thin, lightweight, and easy to move around, like those runway models. In addition to that, they stole Apple’s giant glass touchpad and even gave this thing some support for finger gestures, making it a pretty damn big threat to the Macbook Air. Slap on some more Intel genius in this beast by giving it Intel Connect, a way to keep your stuff up to date even while your computer sleeps. Take all of this and throw it in a sleek looking package with a battery that will keep you boosted for almost 9 hours, and we are looking at one of the best commercial laptops to ever hit the market.


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