Bar Refaeli

Here’s some great eye candy for you this week coming in the form of a girl who has a man’s favorite name, Bar. Born in Israel as Bar Refaeli back in 1985, this 5’8″ dirty blond began her career at just 8 months old! Taking after her mother who was also a model, Bar really began her career at 15 when she had her disgustingly lame braces removed.

Debuting in the 2007 Sports Illustrated, Bar started gaining some recognition in America and came back 2 years later to take the cover of SI. That same year, Bar went on to pose nude for the cover of Esquire in July. A year later in 2010, she was named on FHM‘s Sexiest Women list. Following up the next year, she was named number 6 on the Maxim Hot 100, quite an improvement over the her previous year’s listing. In addition to that, she played some various reality and foreign shows, that honestly, no one here in America gives a shit about. Another reason that we might be familiar with her face is the vast amount of modeling she does for clothing and accessory lines or possibly you’ve seen her with Leonardo DiCaprio from time to time.

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