Is Batman Real?

I have noticed a few stories about Batman popping up in the news lately, and naturally I was curious. We all dream of superheros from our childhoods’ to be real, it would be one of the greatest things ever. Well, it seems like we might be lacking a real life Spiderman and other superheros (or are we?), but for now, we at least seem to have some Batmen running around serving our communities.

The first story I saw this week came from Brazil. Now to be honest, its been a few minutes since I’ve heard anything coming out of Brazil (you know, because we are ignorant to the rest of the world), so I was I little shocked when I saw this headline from BBC; ‘Batman’ helping Brazilian police. If you click the link you can get the full story, or you can watch the video below.

It seems that Batman is helping to fight drug cartels by playing with little kids and making sure that they aren’t doing or dealing drugs. Right, that ought to work well.

The next story is from America, so naturally this one has a little more flavor to it. It seems that our Batman got in trouble for committing some crimes, and not really preventing any. He was cruising around in his black Lambo that he fantasizes is a real Batmobile, when the cops noticed that his plates weren’t quite right and decided to pull him over. The plates he had were actually not real license plates at all, they were some Batman plates probably from the internet or a weird local store.

Turns out that this Batman was returning home from a little volunteering that he was doing. He went to the local hospital to cheer up a few of the ill kids and invited them to check out his fake Batmobile.

Here is another Batman, but this one doesn’t save lives or prevent crime. Instead, he terrorizes the city of Toronto and parties with a swag that is untouchable.

What would you like to see your favorite superhero show up to do in your town? Want superman to show up and fly you to work? Maybe go rock climbing with the Hulk? Let us know in the comments below!


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