Is Instagram An Instant Winner On Android?

Android Instagram App

The famous iPhone photo sharing app, Instagram, is now available on Android and is pissing off iPhone users everywhere. It saw over 1 million downloads on it’s first day in the Google Play Store. It has seen a lot of success on the iOS platform with over 30 million users thinking they are all the best photographers in the world. This is mostly attributable to its simple way of taking normal photos and adding some basic filters and effects to them in order to help everyone seem like a hipster. It’s success has been great for Apple so far (Apple fans are all a bunch of hipsters anyway, right?), but can it bring the same success on Android?

When Instagram first arrived on the iPhone, Android developers took note and began to capitalize on the fact that Instagram didn’t launch on Google devices as well. Other apps started popping up across the market, now known as Google Play. Most of these apps took advantage of the variety of Android devices out there and their unique, powerful (but sometimes really shitty) cameras.

“My phone has an umpty-bumpty-megapixel camera, powerful flash and hi-res display all designed to ensure that I can take nice, clear pictures where what you see is what I saw.

‘Splain to me why I want to trade all that for square-cropped, off-toned, fake-film-grain-and-cheesy-ass-quartz-date-added versions of the world? You are not Marty McFly, stuck in the 1800s and sending pictures of yourself forward through time!” –Phil Mills

This quote sums up the problem with Instagram in a nutshell, why take these glorious photos if you are only going to crop off half of the image and reduce the size? Some of the filters work well in certain cases, so that part of the quote is more debatable. Apps that are filling the void in the Android market offer some nice alternatives and enhancements on Instagram’s initial idea, especially in the quality section. Honestly, many of them are doing a better job.

One of the best Alternatives that has become quite popular on Android is Lightbox. They seem to do everything right on the app. You can preview the your picture with the filters instead of guessing, you can make pictures private, it can share images to several social networks of your choosing, they have their own pretty good social community, your photos don’t automatically get cropped, and they offer lots of filters! So if that sounds good to you, head on over to the Play store and download it! Check out some of the screenshots off the app below and be sure to check out our page at

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What other apps are you guys using? Let us know in the comments!


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