Sorry About The Delay

Hey everyone,

Sorry that we have been slow on getting posts up on the site lately, we are actually working on a few really cool things for you guys. First and foremost is getting this blog onto its own domain name where it belongs, the second thing we are working on is getting a store set up for you guys. We have a huge list of tshirt ideas and we are also working on making some posters, coffee mugs, beer mugs, lighters, bottle openers, stickers, and a few other items as well. In addition to doing all of the design work for those items, we have to find vendors that can make these goods for you guys, but we need them to be quality products at a reasonable rate so that we can deliver you guys awesome stuff you can actually afford. We have a few places we are seriously considering right now, but if you have any great suggestions or recommendations for us (design ideas, shirt printers, product vendors, etc..), post something in the comments below or email us your idea/suggestion. All input is appreciated and considered.

In the meantime, try and hold on. We are doing our best to get things going as quickly as possible. We plan to have the site moved over to the new domain sometime by the end of the week or so. The full store will hopefully be launched sometime in late May or June, depending on a host of things.


-Short Change


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