Be Lazy To Be Better

Most people that have known me since I was a little kid would gladly tell you without hesitating that I am a lazy person. I can remember being told this from family, friends, teachers, strangers, everyone! Generally, I used to just ignore this and move on with my life like I normally do. However, relatively recently, I realized how right they were and how happy that made me to hear this. Most of you might be wondering why anyone would get excited to be called lazy…

Lazy Polar Bear laying on its back

Wanna grab me a coke while you're up?

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How To Be Successful At Something You Are Not Good At

"When I'm sad I stop being sad and be awesome instead" quote with Neil Patrick Harris It happens quite often in life that we must face new challenges and opportunities, and sometimes this can be terrifying. We can’t be experts at everything, but we can be great at anything. Here we are going to give you 3 simple tips on how to be good at just about anything that you want to try. Continue reading

The Lost Art of Having Patience

We are losing our patience so much that I fear in the future our satisfaction and level of happiness will not be fulfilled because they happen to quickly. In the past we waited for hours, sometimes days, to have a meal, now we get impatient when something has to cook in the microwave for more than a minute. In the future I think we will be disappointed if we aren’t fed before we have the chance to feel hungry. Continue reading

Everything I Ever Needed To Know, I Learned Playing Video Games

Retro video game posterDon’t let the title fool you loyal readers. Video Games are not this writer’s sole source of education, but I will be damned if I said they didn’t help. For years I have had to endure the shameful glares that met me whenever I informed a non-gamer that I would be spending the next few hours feverishly playing any particularly addicting game. These ignorant glares from parents, girlfriends, the elderly, the Amish, or any other person are bred from the idea that Video Games have no particular value other then to entertain. Continue reading

Child successfully clenching fist

Being Successful: It’s Not Always Something Your Good At

Maybe it’s something your bad at.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told that I should do something simply because it’s something that I was good at. I feel like I have a lot of talents, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I want to be doing that thing for the rest of my life. For example; I was great at making subs at SubWay, but that sure as hell doesn’t mean that I want to do that for the remaining years of my life. Not at all. Continue reading

Are Drugs Really Bad?

Mr. Mackey drugs are bad mmmkay

Now what did you learn today children?

We have all been told before on countless occasions that drugs are bad mmmkay! You can’t make it through middle school anymore without thinking that drugs have got to be the coolest things on the planet. Sure, you have the handful of kids that telling all of those lies and trying to scare the living piss out of them about drugs actually worked on, but c’mon! Continue reading