Bacon King

The King of Bacon

I think that many of us (bacon lovers) have dreamt of the day where we would go into a store and demand all the bacon! Well my friends, that day has come for this guy. He literally ordered 1,050 pieces of bacon for his burger, even the King was quite impressed. So move over Kevin Bacon, there is a new King in town. Check out the video to see this enormous bacon pile in all of its glory.  Continue reading


Is Batman Real?

I have noticed a few stories about Batman popping up in the news lately, and naturally I was curious. We all dream of superheros from our childhoods’ to be real, it would be one of the greatest things ever. Well, it seems like we might be lacking a real life Spiderman and other superheros (or are we?), but for now, we at least seem to have some Batmen running around serving our communities. Continue reading

Where Did Your Computer Go?

USB sized Cotton Candy Computers

Someone Put A Computer In Your Homework Holder!

How ridiculous does this sound, “computer the size of a thumb drive?” You may be thinking, ya ya, we can probably make some shit little computer like that by now, it’s the end of the world this year. This tiny guy “can run either Ubuntu or Android 4.0, has a dual-core 1.2GHz ARM Cortex-A9 CPU, 1GB of RAM, and a Mali 400MP GPU that allows it to decode high-definition video.” In addition to that, it’s got a USB on one side for power, an HDMI port on the other side, WiFi, & Bluetooth. Continue reading

2012 US Terrorist Identification Chart

So as our country becomes more and more like a communist state, I was pleased in a way to come across this infographic. With the Patriot Act, House Bill 265, SOPA, and other legislation that has been passed in recent years, it seems that Americans have been stripped of all their freedoms, and can mostly all be labeled as criminals and terrorists now.

Team America: Ruining A Buzz On The Global Level

Buzzkill, thy name is  H.R. 313, the “Drug Trafficking Safe Harbor Elimination Act of 2011.”

Uncle Sam you are a victim of the war on drugs

Remember the prohibition? That worked out didn't it?

For many years I have asked myself, why do we as Americans continue to allow America to fight this fruitless “war” on drugs. Millions of tax payers money is used so that the D.E.A. can stop the illegal trafficking and use of drugs. By definition that doesn’t sound so bad, as an individual who one day plans to start a family (how else will I create my small army?) I can agree with the sentiment that I don’t want my children surrounded by dangerous drugs and the environment that harbors them. Unfortunately, much of the D.E.A.’s time and resources are spent prosecuting small time offenders and users of drugs that should be decriminalized. Continue reading

Return to Sender: The Decline of the American Postal Service

Go Postal

Another one of those days

The other day I was having a discussion with my friend about this that and the other, the other being a particularly good topic. Anyway while we were chatting It occurred to me out of the blue that it seems ludicrous that we still have a Post Office. I shared this revelation with my friends and was met with odd glares across the bored….why? Why does everyone love “snail” mail so much? Once more I was struck with brilliance (it’s not that surprising really, it happens at least twice a minute), people don’t love the post office, people are afraid of change. Even though the postman generally delivers only bad news (i.e. bills, ads, restraining orders (some celebrities can be so touchy)) we still are afraid to let the long standing American Post office go the way of the telegram. Continue reading