Brain Wave Music Machines

Brain Wave Music Player

Let the weirdness begin. On a quest after the earthquakes and tsunami in Japan, Masaki Batoh, set out to put people’s true emotions and feeling in the open. As puts it, “He turned to a modified EEG, what he calls a Brain Pulse Machine, to measure the brain waves of earthquake victims and play them back as music. He then mixed these tracks with his own to create Brain Pulse Music, a memorial album to raise money for Japan’s orphans.” The first 1:45 of this video is a little painful to watch because of the tones that are produced mixed with the tense shots in black and white creates an insane feel. After that it strangely goes in to the story and imagery of why this was done, but the way it is cut is pretty weird. Check out the video and let us know what you think in the comments after.

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Sasquatch Mystery Ended

So over Christmas break from school, I found myself watching too many episodes of Sasquatch hunters on the Discovery Channel. It always seemed odd that there are so many bears lurking around the same locations that we see most of our Big Foot sightings. Then I saw this video, and it suddenly all made sense to me.

This bear does a pretty good Yogi impression too, doesn’t he?

Back To School

In the spirit of everyone going back to school at about this time of year, you may want to reconsider what you want to do with your life and what school you want to go to. So, we have all seen some really great community college commercials that make you feel questionable about the school being advertised, right? Well this is a commercial for one of those schools, but you will actually will want to go to this school. Method Man takes center stage as the spokesperson, so sit back, light up a fatty, and enjoy the commercial.

Siamese Twins

Here is yet another great video from the wonderful world of the weird internet. This video is about two boys, being siamese twins and dealing with the struggles of growing up together, or something like that. Watch, enjoy, laugh, and be sure to comment below!

Aparently there is a more complete version of this that is even worse, so if you find it please post a link in the comments and we’ll be sure to update the post and give you some credit!

The Best Worst Rap Battle

So here at Class6 we really have a strong love for great music and musicians, especially the older ones. However, we also find great joy and humor in watching people fail at doing things, including music. This a video about a kid doing a rap battle, but obviously he sucks extremely bad. It’s borderline not even funny how terrible this is, but it’s still slightly on the funny side of the fence. If you can’t appreciate his awful rhymes and lack of flow, then at least you can find his facial expressions to be entertaining!


Do you know of a worse rap battle? Post a link in the comments and if it’s truly bad enough, we’ll put it on the site!

Nature Is Pretty Neat

This is one of the most well executed poor execution funny videos that I have ever enjoyed. Seriously, this shit is just hilarious, you need to watch it.

How neat was that? If you thought this was pretty neat, check out the second and third episodes as well.

If you like this video I recommend checking out these guys’ other stuff and showing a little support for some funny dudes.