Old People Lol

Here is a site that has a specific type of humor, making fun of the elderly! Old People LOL is a site that collects funny pictures of old people from all across the internet for your entertainment. Check out the gallery below to see some of the types of images they are posting over there and then be sure to visit the site!



Philosoraptor - Can you slam a revolving door?


Ok, if you like funny shit on the internet, then this site is for you. I have told people about this site before and they often look at me very confused when I try to describe it to them, but they always die laughing when I show it to them (yes, there is a collection of dead bodies inside my laptop). So, in order to avoid confusing you about this sites awesomeness, I am just going to show it to you. Enjoy.


Philosoraptor - Can you slam a revolving door?