All Women Are Insane

insane womanWe all know the obvious, women are insane. Guys know it, little kids know it, the women know it. That’s not the point, the point is that you can use this to your advantage. Say you want to take your lady out for a nice meal because she has been bitching to you to do so. You were probably thinking that you might take her to her favorite place or somewhere fancy near by, weren’t you? That’s so stupid you moron, they’ve been there and done that same old same old. Take your woman to the place that she hates the most and make her have the time of her life. That’s the kind of stupid shit that women love. They hate being told they are wrong, but they love being proven wrong.

Share your failed attempts of this method here. (Note: no one really cares if you got laid, people only wanna hear your terrible failures)