Team America: Ruining A Buzz On The Global Level

Buzzkill, thy name is  H.R. 313, the “Drug Trafficking Safe Harbor Elimination Act of 2011.”

Uncle Sam you are a victim of the war on drugs

Remember the prohibition? That worked out didn't it?

For many years I have asked myself, why do we as Americans continue to allow America to fight this fruitless “war” on drugs. Millions of tax payers money is used so that the D.E.A. can stop the illegal trafficking and use of drugs. By definition that doesn’t sound so bad, as an individual who one day plans to start a family (how else will I create my small army?) I can agree with the sentiment that I don’t want my children surrounded by dangerous drugs and the environment that harbors them. Unfortunately, much of the D.E.A.’s time and resources are spent prosecuting small time offenders and users of drugs that should be decriminalized. Continue reading


Are Drugs Really Bad?

Mr. Mackey drugs are bad mmmkay

Now what did you learn today children?

We have all been told before on countless occasions that drugs are bad mmmkay! You can’t make it through middle school anymore without thinking that drugs have got to be the coolest things on the planet. Sure, you have the handful of kids that telling all of those lies and trying to scare the living piss out of them about drugs actually worked on, but c’mon! Continue reading