God Hates Your Facebook Status Updates

Thank God facebook status update

How many times have you logged on to Facebook (or really any social network that has status updates) and seen that a person posted something along the lines of “thank god for curing my rabbit of aids?” No? Maybe something like that? Yes? Okay, well if those updates annoy the piss out of you all day then you will appreciate this little meme photo that we have below for you today!

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There Is A Facebook In Your Facebook

Pimp Yo Facebook

Facebook has been making a lot of changes recently if you haven’t noticed. In addition to the great new feature of adding “smart lists” that help organize your connections, Facebook has also opted for some really dumb changes. They added a little “ticker” into the top right of your Facebook home page so you can see what’s going on while you are checking what’s going on. This photo pretty much sums up the change.