All Day, No Play

McLovin "I got a boner"

My cool roommate came home the other day with a huge smile on his face. He walks in the door and throws this bag on the table telling me that I need to check this shit out. He pulls out what at first thought was the coffee grinder that we already had, then I looked a little closer. It was a brand new vaporizer equipped with lights all over it to entertain our stoner brains! His excitement got me excited and my marijuana glands began to get excited at the thought. Immediately afterwards I was informed that we smoked all of our herbs the night before. Naturally, we make some phone calls. About 6 hours later, still no luck. So we get a great new smoking device that we can’t even use all day because we randomly find ourselves in a dry spell (which never happens in the city). How goddamn Class6 is that?

McLovin: Photo Credit


The Best Worst Rap Battle

So here at Class6 we really have a strong love for great music and musicians, especially the older ones. However, we also find great joy and humor in watching people fail at doing things, including music. This a video about a kid doing a rap battle, but obviously he sucks extremely bad. It’s borderline not even funny how terrible this is, but it’s still slightly on the funny side of the fence. If you can’t appreciate his awful rhymes and lack of flow, then at least you can find his facial expressions to be entertaining!


Do you know of a worse rap battle? Post a link in the comments and if it’s truly bad enough, we’ll put it on the site!

There Is A Facebook In Your Facebook

Pimp Yo Facebook

Facebook has been making a lot of changes recently if you haven’t noticed. In addition to the great new feature of adding “smart lists” that help organize your connections, Facebook has also opted for some really dumb changes. They added a little “ticker” into the top right of your Facebook home page so you can see what’s going on while you are checking what’s going on. This photo pretty much sums up the change.