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Favorite Tweets of the Month

Here is a list of our favorite tweets from April, first from our followers and then some from us. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter at @AllDayClass6.


Bad Luck Brian Meme Photos

Bad luck Brian has become an internet sensation. We went to high school with the actual kid, who is hilarious, and only he could take a photo like that. Here are a few that we created to humor you all. Be sure to stay up to date with our latest memes on quickmeme.

God Hates Your Facebook Status Updates

Thank God facebook status update

How many times have you logged on to Facebook (or really any social network that has status updates) and seen that a person posted something along the lines of “thank god for curing my rabbit of aids?” No? Maybe something like that? Yes? Okay, well if those updates annoy the piss out of you all day then you will appreciate this little meme photo that we have below for you today!

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