Ledge lined with craft beer bottles

Talented Drunks

I got so shit faced last night.
Chair fallen over on the floor
Sometimes you are just really good at doing things drunk. Especially at things you can’t/wont do sober. I had another case of this last night. I woke up this morning to a delightful phone call from a friend, but after I realized that it wasn’t 9:07am (was more like 3:28pm), I threw my ass out of bed. That’s when my shin was kind enough to tell me that I had apparently thrown my chair down on the floor. After I hopped to the bathroom to have my morning piss (those ones that feel like mini orgasms), I came back to realize that I had put a trash bag in one of my trash cans. I never do that. I don’t really see the point. But apparently I was so drunk that I thought it would be a great idea to put bags in all my trash cans. So now for the next week I’ll get to reap the benefits of alcohol by throwing away trash into a bag in a can. In addition to that I found my N64 game collection well organized and the house as a whole was pretty clean compared to the way that I though I left things the night before. Who said drinking doesn’t help you in life?

Bagged and proper trash can


Frozen Sugar Water Chaser

So, in continuation of me having popsicles in my house, I have another related story for you.

Twas a Sunday night and my roommate and I were dicking around and listening to music till about 1am. Finally he said he was going to bed and I started watching a movie since I hadn’t woken up until about 2:30 that afternoon and I wasn’t tired yet. So, about an hour and a half later, my roommate comes back out. As he comes out of his door he notices that I’m still awake and then starts asking/yelling about why I’m still awake. (Please note that he does this quite often, telling me he is going to sleep and then coming out some amount of hours later and asking why the fuck I’m still up when he clearly has been too.)

So, in order to avoid his bitching and laughing at this point in my movie, I yell at him (yes, he is only a matter of feet away from me) and tell him to go to bed. As usual, he walks over to check the fridge/freezer out despite the fact that he knows he hasn’t bought food or anything else in weeks. He sees the little bit of captain leftover from the party the night before and then yells at me asking why we don’t have a chaser. I yelled back that there was clearly coke in the fridge to use. Despite the obivously classic combination that Captain and Coke is, he continues yelling and complaining (mostly with incomplete words and some weird noises) until he finally announces that he is going to use a popsicle as a chaser.

Do these things really go together?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love popsicles. However, in this situation I don’t even see how that could have been an option for a chaser. Seriously, have you ever thought about using a popsicle as a chaser for some rum? I could see Vodka, but rum? I think that I may have created a popsicle addict by placing those addicting frozen sugar water chasers in the freezer.