Be Lazy To Be Better

Most people that have known me since I was a little kid would gladly tell you without hesitating that I am a lazy person. I can remember being told this from family, friends, teachers, strangers, everyone! Generally, I used to just ignore this and move on with my life like I normally do. However, relatively recently, I realized how right they were and how happy that made me to hear this. Most of you might be wondering why anyone would get excited to be called lazy…

Lazy Polar Bear laying on its back

Wanna grab me a coke while you're up?

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The Lost Art of Having Patience

We are losing our patience so much that I fear in the future our satisfaction and level of happiness will not be fulfilled because they happen to quickly. In the past we waited for hours, sometimes days, to have a meal, now we get impatient when something has to cook in the microwave for more than a minute. In the future I think we will be disappointed if we aren’t fed before we have the chance to feel hungry. Continue reading