Marilyn MonEinstein

So I am a fan of optical illusions, but I hate the majority of the shit you find on the web because they pretty much all blow ass. Well, today I would like to share an optical illusion with you that doesn’t suck balls, seriously. This is a picture of Albert Einstein, yet it’s also not a picture of Albert Einstein. While you are close to the photo you will see him, but when you step back about 15-20 feet, you will see someone else. It’s a mind fuck, check it out.

It's both and it's neither, it's one and it's the other.

Photo Credit.

Did you see Marilyn Monroe? If not you need to step back father or stare into the sun for a while because your eyes are just too damn good.

This illusion works because your eyes will see the sharp lines that create Mr. Einstein, but when you step back from a distance, your eyes are only able to see the soft shapes and lines that create Marilyn Monroe. Creepy?

Still don’t see it? Try looking at this gif of the Einstein and Monroe hybrid image to get a better idea of how it works without getting up.