Flowchart: How We Really Read

Finally, now there is a flowchart to explain to teachers why reading assignments don’t pan out well.

Flowchart: How we really read



Happy 4/20: Free Biggie Smalls Desktop Background

In celebration of the great holiday we know as 4/20, here is a free Biggie Smalls desktop background. The resolution is 1400×900, so this should be a good fit for most laptops and such. Click (or right click > open link in new tab/window) the image below to view the full resolution. Continue reading

Bad Luck Brian Meme Photos

Bad luck Brian has become an internet sensation. We went to high school with the actual kid, who is hilarious, and only he could take a photo like that. Here are a few that we created to humor you all. Be sure to stay up to date with our latest memes on quickmeme.