Ethnic Ghostbusters is the new thing

Hope your brought more ammo.


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It’s Only Racist If…

Racist camera detecting faces that have blinked, yet it is only a picture of an Asian girl

So the other day after class I was offered to go blaze a jay down by the river front with this girl from my class. She is a cool cat so naturally I was like, uh…duh! So we head out from our building and walk over a few blocks to the river walk. As we were heading down the stairs toward the water, she noticed that there were 3 black guys sitting where she normally smokes at.

I looked over to her and said “it’s cool, we can just blaze over there” as I pointed to a more secluded location not to far from there.

She responds by saying “Oh no, it’ll be ok. Those guys are black, they’ll be cool if we smoke by them.”

With a confused funny look on my face I looked back at her and said “Wow, Meagan, you little Mexican racist. Just because they are black doesn’t mean they are down with the ganja!”

She shrugs her shoulders and says “whatever.”

So we go down to the location that I pointed out, rolled up a nice little fatty, and then we sparked that shit. About half way through blazing this thing down, Meagan (while smoking the jay) walks over toward where she originally wanted to chief even though those three guys were still there. So, with my I-don’t-really-give-a-fuck attitude, I naturally followed her over there and we kept blazing. After about 30 seconds of us standing by these kids (about 10 feet away), one of them looks at his two buddies and says in a nerdy tone “Those guys are smoking marijuana, we better get out of here, that stuff is illegal!”

I instantly looked over at my friend and started rolling with laughter. It’s only racist if you’re wrong, otherwise you are just simply right.