The Ultimate Gaming Machine?

R2D2 Super Gaming System

“We don’t know exactly how to say this without overloading your nerd subsystem, but this R2D2 unit packseight consoles, an integrated sound system and a projector for throwing your Jet Grind Radio sessions onto a wall.” –Engadget

Is this beast the ultimate gaming machine?


Is Instagram An Instant Winner On Android?

Android Instagram App

The famous iPhone photo sharing app, Instagram, is now available on Android and is pissing off iPhone users everywhere. It saw over 1 million downloads on it’s first day in the Google Play Store. It has seen a lot of success on the iOS platform with over 30 million users thinking they are all the best photographers in the world. This is mostly attributable to its simple way of taking normal photos and adding some basic filters and effects to them in order to help everyone seem like a hipster. It’s success has been great for Apple so far (Apple fans are all a bunch of hipsters anyway, right?), but can it bring the same success on Android? Continue reading

I Can Finally Admit I Want A Dell

When you think of badass laptops, you probably think of Macs, Alienware, or maybe even some Sony machinery. Toss all of those aside for a moment and hold on to your beer because for the first time in your life you are going to want a Dell for a reason that isn’t because your bank account has $14.08 in it.

Badass Computer with guns everywhere

Virus Protection

Continue reading