Save Bitches, Get Money

Mario: Save Bitches Get Money


The Ultimate Gaming Machine?

R2D2 Super Gaming System

“We don’t know exactly how to say this without overloading your nerd subsystem, but this R2D2 unit packseight consoles, an integrated sound system and a projector for throwing your Jet Grind Radio sessions onto a wall.” –Engadget

Is this beast the ultimate gaming machine?

Everything I Ever Needed To Know, I Learned Playing Video Games

Retro video game posterDon’t let the title fool you loyal readers. Video Games are not this writer’s sole source of education, but I will be damned if I said they didn’t help. For years I have had to endure the shameful glares that met me whenever I informed a non-gamer that I would be spending the next few hours feverishly playing any particularly addicting game. These ignorant glares from parents, girlfriends, the elderly, the Amish, or any other person are bred from the idea that Video Games have no particular value other then to entertain. Continue reading