Best Android Web Browser?

Having access to the web is one the best parts about having a mobile smartphone. Apps are great for accessing specific things or having some added functionality, but really the best part of the internet is still on the web. Your mobile web browser is the gateway and main touch point that you constantly use to access anything beyond what your apps can do.

The browser that comes stock on Android is more than capable of quickly running the web. However, it doesn’t do much beyond that. It takes on a very minimal approach to web browsing on your phone and lacks some of the added functionality and ease of use that other browsers in the market can bring you.

My personal favorite, and what I believe is the best browsing experience overall on Android phones, comes from the Opera Mobile browser. It has a sleek, dark interface that remains minimal despite its styled looks. One of the greatest part about this browser is its control bar at the bottom. Located here you can find your back/forward buttons to navigate the web, refresh button, your tabs, and the unique Opera button. The back button also doubles as a zoom out option when you are zoomed in on a web page. Pressing the tabs button pulls up a sleek and easy to use tab manager that lets you switch between up to 8 open tabs as well as easily close out any that you do not need open or open a new tab to explore elsewhere. The most unique and exciting button on control bar is the bright, contrasting red Opera button. Pressing this pulls up a nice grid layout with some nice and useful quick access options including book marks, browsing history, start page, downloads, pages that you have saved for offline use, settings, text search on the page, and of course a sharing button to share a link with your other apps. Going into any one of these provided options presents a quick loading an minimal but highly functional set of options to get things set up exactly as you need them.

This browser really improves upon the great simplicity that the stock android browser brings to the android platform but it also packs in some great added functionality and a great looking and easy to use user interface. The browsing speeds are also generally faster than the stock browser and jumping back pages is the fastest of any browser out there. The address bar also serves a search engine allowing you to type in searches or web addresses into the same bar just like on most newer browsers on your desktop.

Overall, there is very little to complain about with this browser and there is a lot to be excited about. While there are a few other browsers on the market that accelerate in certain areas, Opera dominates over all. Features, speed, and looks accelerate this browser to the front of the mobile browser race. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, I highly recommend installing and using it on your device today.

Here is a quick video overview of the Opera Browsers.

What other browsers do you use and why do you love using them? What features do you wish browsers had that they don’t currently?